Policy Review

Insurance costs change, interest rates rise and fall, people grow older-life happens. Reviewing your client’s life insurance is important so the client’s purpose of the insurance still matches their goals. Clients may tell you they have a 20-year term policy they bought 8 years ago, and say “I’m fine, I have a 20-year term policy in place for that.” Well… really they have a 12-year term policy. And maybe they really need something permanent that will last to age 100 or more.

In-Force reviews consist of obtaining current In-Force illustrations from the insurance company and comparing to something new in the marketplace. Often times, it is discovered the current policy isn’t performing like the signed illustration from 10 years ago or there is a better-priced alternative available. Replacing the coverage with a better product is likely. Sometimes, replacement isn’t recommended. Either way, the review allows you to build rapport with your client. 

Common Review Reasons:

  • Life Event
  • New Asset Purchase
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Debt Payoff
  • Health Change

Policy Review Resources: