Marijuana Use is Growing Like a Weed!
Published on 05/17/2019

With recent legalization of medical marijuana, we have received an increase in the number of applications with admitted use.  The insurance companies underwrite marijuana use based on whether it's for medical or recreational purpose, the amount of use and the age of the client.  
For medical use, carriers base the rate class on the underlying cause.  Here are some impairment examples:
*The best rate class is available in some of these instances as long as the medical impairment can also qualify for the best rate class. * 
Recreational use is underwritten based on the age of the client and the frequency.  Not all carriers automatically decline daily use, and "occasional" use could add a tobacco rating.  Obtaining good details from your client and applying to the right carrier the first time will make the process quicker.  Here are 3 recent cases:
  • Female age 36.  Has a medical marijuana card with an underlying impairment of gastric problems, which have been resolved.  Use is 3 x per week.  Company P approved her at Preferred Best Non-Tobacco. (good offer)
  •  Male age 33.  Also has a medical marijuana card with an underlying impairment of ADD (attention deficit disorder).  The number of uses was not disclosed.  Company B approved Standard Tobacco- Table 2. (bad offer)
  •  Male age 35.  Recreational use with no health problems.  Is also a non-tobacco user.  Admits to daily use.  Company BF approved at Standard Non-Smoker Table 2.  (good offer)
If your client admits to marijuana use, please contact our office.   We can direct you to the right carrier the first time.